Thursday, 28 February 2013


The other day I was down on the beach with my sketch book when I saw two boys flying their kite.
It took  me back to when I was a boy. On a number of occasions I made a kite from two canes, paper, and string. They looked pretty good. My brother and I would then go and fly them. Well actually no. It usually ended up with one of us running fast with the kite and the other tugging the string .The kite would rise a few feet then drop to the ground. All a bit frustrating, a good lesson for life!
Anyway these boys had a great kite that flew beautifully with no great amount of wind.

I may actually do a painting of the scene one day, add a few birds etc..

Link, no, not "Lets go fly a kite " from Mary Poppins

Simon Dupree with "Kites"

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