Saturday, 30 March 2013

110,000 deaths in the last year alone

Here is a page from my little A5 sketch book I just caught Jac sitting on the passenger seat of our camper looking out for Alex.
I have done a painting today but it was too late to capture it. I also got to the gym walked the dogs and watched the two rugby games on tv.

The last two days have been a bit "iffy " in the road I am beginning to think someone has got my number.
I have had 3 drivers try and wipe me out. One was a small Fiat with three escapees form "Woodstock"
who drove straight across my lane nearly taking my out my right hand wing and then wandering back into their own lane. The other two were as Alex calls them flat caps (This is quite amusing as I wear one myself).
Anyway you know who they are they have been driving for 50 years and never had an accident, but have caused several hundred!

I suppose I should be grateful I don't drive in India. They apparently have an average of 110,000 road deaths a year and no record of the number of injuries! That is a fatality every 4 minutes.

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