Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wales v England 30 3

Yes well what a day. After a bit of a false start with the mention by Mal Pope on Radio Wales that I completely missed. Alex drove us to Cardiff. We had time for a good look around the Martin Tinney Gallery. A couple of very nice Harry Holland paintings. I like his figure paintings and admire his technique greatly.

Next off to the National Gallery for a cup of tea and a quick sweep around the Impressionist Collection and the Turner Exhibition. Wales owe a great deal to the Davies Sisters for their collection.

We then went off for a nice Italian meal before meeting friends in the Hilton for a few pre-game refreshments.

We bumped into a few friends in Cardiff as well, always the case on International days. We saw Tom Shanklin but he obviously missed us as he walked straight passed. Then on to the stadium. But oh my what a game, the passion, the atmosphere a day not to be forgotten ..ever.

 Plenty to do today and to be fair not suffering much.

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