Monday, 4 March 2013

Sledging in the snow.

I don't pretty much feel the cold, well provided I have dressed appropriately. I grew up in a house with no central heating and ice formed on the inside of the bedroom window in winter. If it snowed my brother and I had to climb in the loft to shovel out the snow which blew under the tiles.

I used to look forward to the snow but it never seemed to work out. My father made us a sledge. Come the snow my brother sister and I would take it to the park half a mile away. There was a superb hill which took you down to the trees and then the lake. Often youngsters could make it right on to the frozen lake.

We had one draw back. Bless her, our sister can't stand the cold. She always wanted to come but after 10 minutes she was frozen and near to fainting. Inevitably my brother and I would have to pull her home on the sledge. She would be shivering and we would be overheating from the effort of pulling up the hill home.

Strangely Alex also hates the cold. She even puts hot water in a  cold drink!

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