Saturday, 16 March 2013

2 Minute Sketch

Wherever I go I tend to carry an A5 sketchbook for the odd quick sketch. The one above is literally a 2 minutes sketch. I first did the watercolour using an aquapen  dipped in a small watercolour box I carry in my pocket. Then I added a couple of outlines with a drawing pen. Simple but it has all the essential ingredients (I have been watching Masterchef too long).

Yesterday I didn't post anything. We drove back from North Wales to Carmarthen. Then we had to go to Laugharne to pick up  tickets for today's game. We then drove to Somerset and back to pick up our daughter's dog to do a spot of dog sitting. So we pretty well drove the length and breadth of Wales (twice).

This morning I was sitting in bed drinking a cup of tea Alex had brought me. I was miles away. All of a sudden I got a sharp dig. "What was that for?"
She had put a request on the radio. I had sat through the dedication and missed every word. I was as I say miles away. It will take a while to live that down.

It does remind me of an incident that happened years ago. I was in a committee meeting with the Chief Constable at the time, Ray White (an inspirational man if ever I met one). It had been going on a while. All of a sudden I heard, "Mark." "Mark."
He had been asking me an question. I came around and had to hold my hands up.
"Sorry Boss I was on a sandy beach with blue skies and rolling surf."
He smiled, but I paid attention for the rest of the meeting.

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