Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snowdon watercolour

Here is a watercolour I did recently looking up at Snowdonia in the mid morning.

We have just changed our car and this morning Alex was on the phone to the Green Flag ( the recovery people to change the details of the car).
Alex explained she had bought a new car. The man asked Alex what sort of car it was. She replied
"Oh its a very nice one."
He said," I was thinking along the lines of, is it a five door or a hatchback.."

There again I can't say much. Last night we went out to deliver a commissioned painting to a very nice lady.
We arrived back home  and as we went in the front door I could hear the telephone ringing. I rushed in, picked it up and said,"Hello." I could hear a faint background noise but no-one answered.
I repeated my greeting several times. It was obvious there was someone on the line but they refused to answer. I finally put the phone down.
Alex said, "Who was it?"
"I don't know some idiot. Just a silent nuisance call." I replied.
Alex came in, picked up the phone handset and said, "They haven't put it down."
She then looked at the caller ID. looked straight at me and said, "Why are you calling the house? Its your mobile."
I had my mobile in my pocket and must have knocked it on speed dial when I got out of the car. Ah! embarrassing, not the first time I have been talking to myself but the first time I have done it on the phone.

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