Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sketch of Harlech Castle

We were awoken this morning at 5 o'clock by a familiar sound, no, not the happy song of a thrush but the retching of our house guest (our daughter's dog). So nice start to the day clearing up after him. 
I then walked the dogs, did some decorating, visited my mother, went to the gym, came back for soup, took the dogs out again, then Alex and I set to on some framing. 

I don't normally need to help Alex but this particular expensive moulding is quite large and will not behave. The mitre machine will grab it and move it only fractionally but sufficient to throw out the angle of cut by one degree. This is a disaster as it means the corners don't meet up correctly. Also it has a section of rough grain in it which fractures the covering. Anyway we got through it  after much ado. 

I haven't picked up a paint brush at all today other than to do some skirting boards so the sketch above is from my sketch book. One of many sketches of Harlech Castle.

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