Monday, 11 March 2013

Cutting Edge Exhibition?

The other day I went to see an (art?) exhibition. Now I wasn't so much surprised as disappointed. This gallery has had 2 exhibitions in the last few years that I have felt justified the effort of going through the doors. One was okay and the other was a very good exhibition of abstract landscape paintings by an artist from Swansea. I apologise but I can't recall her name.

Getting back to the current exhibition it was predictable in as much that it left me cold. I was not excited by anything cutting edge (whatever that means). There was nothing to excite the senses. A fan going around and the de rigeur meaningless video loop, with assorted other items. Maybe its just me? I do appreciate that there is  a need to cater for all tastes. There again what I have enjoyed at all the exhibitions is reading the acidic humour in the comments book, which for some reason appears to be missing now. I am probably just a dinosaur or as commonly as I was referred to when taking my degree a "stuckist". So I don't suppose the artist would be much offended by my views.

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