Friday, 22 March 2013


I wasn't sure what I was going to paint today. I had a good spare frame and I had a piece of board prepared to fit it. I had a few options but decided to do a dramatic painting of of Dylan Thomas using chiaroscuro.
I set about it and here is stage 1. The painting is less than 6 inches square so it is quite fiddly to do a portrait.

Having got this far I realised that I had made a mistake the frame it was going into is in fact a grey blue moulding and the painting above is warm browns! The painting will fit but won't suit!
Never mind not a problem.

The other evening Alex and I had a bit of a competition. Now I am not one to hang around in the kitchen unless it is to pick at food being cooked. However we decided to make a couple of loaves and see who made the best one.
Well I have to say honestly mine was by far the best. Surprisingly Alex also agreed. However the truth is I had a little help from my friend Ken. Ken is an excellent breadmaker, his full name is Kenwood. Alex unfortunately made a mistake with her yeast and her hand made loaf didn't rise as much as it should. Still I am sure next time her loaf will be prefect.

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