Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wild Geese

Working under a slight hangover today. Last night Artist David Cowdrey came around for a meal and a pleasant night was had by all. David and I talked about art and Alex put on a spectacular meal.  I probably ate too much and although I don't have a bad headache I am taking things easy!

I notice on my walks that the farm geese somehow evaded Christmas so I thought it would make a nice subject for a painting. I have been carrying the image around and this morning I got it down in rough above. I started by putting the board on paper and drawing around it to allow me to draw the picture to actual size.
Putting a girl in the picture adds interest and height to the composition joining the painting foreground and sky together. There are actually 4 geese on the farm but I have only included 3 as I think that is sufficient. Of course I haven't painted it yet but I should get around to it tomorrow.

This afternoon I think I will be watching rugby quietly.

link to David Cowdrey

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