Sunday, 27 January 2013

Theory of Time

The painting of Llanstephan above is just about dry and ready for framing so it is going onto the list that Alex has to do.  I also finished a commission this week that must be done. It is a miracle that we and particularly Alex get as much done as we do in a 24 hour day. Whoever invented time, (was it Steven Hawkins?) should have done a better job and given us at least 36 hours in a day. Einstein said, "Time is what you measure with a clock." Maybe it should be measured by what we get done. How would that work? The more you did the longer you would live. Interesting thought. Anyway I am in danger of being philosophical or even worse a post modernist!

I mentioned yesterday how we walked our 3 year old grandson with reigns. I actually remember being walked with reigns myself. I was about 2-3yrs old and on holiday in Porth Towyn. I had a set of blue reigns with bells on (cute). It must have had an impact on me to remember them, I can't remember where I put my slippers these days.

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