Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Church Parade

The watercolour above is of outbuildings at Rhywernen Farm in Brecon. We lived in Brecon for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves it is a lovely market town.

Many years ago when I was a constable I attended the last Church Parade of the Birmingham City Police. I am not a particularly religious person but have no issues with other persons choices. So when I was told by my sergeant  I was going on the Church parade I said  I was not particularly religious. He just gave me that look that said, " And your point is what?" (Communication is a funny thing sometimes the most effect can be when nothing is said). So of course I went. The Force formed up in divisions in the Old Market in the Bull Ring and then marched to St. Martin's for a service. I had several friends of differing religions and I am sure several of them attended too.

The next time I went on a Church Parade was in Brecon. The military have a strong presence in the town and there parade is organised with military efficiency. The Parade was to be led by The Officer in Charge of the Brecon Police Sub Division and a Senior Officer from the Army HQ Wales.

The Officer in Charge of the Police kept on about this Parade all week before it was due to happen and I could see he was not happy about doing it. Why I don't know it was a matter of walking in step through the town, no great hardship. I was not to be involved in the Parade in any way. However come the Sunday morning the Officer In Charge didn't appear, he was apparently ill. Twenty minutes before the start I was asked to step in which I duly did. It was no problem and it all went off well, although I confess I did feel a bit like "Major Billy " the Goat of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

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