Tuesday, 8 January 2013

INSET Day - Don't you hate acronyms?

After walking the dog and going to the gym it was just light enough to start on a new painting.

 I thought I would share this process with you. I first used a very wet solution of Burnt Umber and French Ultramarine to draw the basic outline using a rag to rub out/amend if necessary.  I then blocked in the darker tones. Next I scrumbled in underlying colour with an old brush having noted mentally the final colours of the train. So I used a red base to lie next to the  finished green of the train etc. (Green and red are complimentary colours.) This process didn't take long and any minor errors (such as the perspective lines on the side of the locomotive) will be addressed in the next stage.
It all looks a bit odd at the moment but it is important to keep a visual image of how I want it to look when its finished.

Trust me it will be fine.

Yesterday Alex and I took the grandchildren and our son to the beach. Apparently although nominally the first day back at school it was an Insect Day, whatever that means. The teachers have some sort of training according to our daughter in law who should know being a teacher.?
I think back to my school days. I disliked school and was happy to leave at 16 but as I may have said before despite myself they gave me a wonderful education. I try to imagine what an in service training day would have meant for my teachers. "Slasher" would have spent the day honing his skills at throwing the board rubber at a dummy head. Taffy Thomas who had apparently played for Wales at Twickenham with a fractured shoulder would spend the day good naturedly slapping boys on the head unaware that he could fell a tree with his hand. Yes I owe them and all the rest  for educating me. I had no choice in the matter and I don't recall any of them requiring additional training.

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  1. Haha - Insect Day - that's funny, they also have time allocated for planning and preparation these days too, mind you still wouldn't want their job!! Great painting