Friday, 18 January 2013


I sold the above painting yesterday. (Well to be truthful I didn't but I sold a similar view. I omitted to photograph the painting, very careless of me must be getting old or older!).

Its snowing here and there may be a problem with the gallery. Most of the co-operative members who steward in the gallery live outside Carmarthen and the snow is blocking roads. I have tried ringing the steward who is on today but the mobile phone signal is useless too.

Talking of mobile phones our daughter in law is a  teacher and travels from Carmarthen to her school. Yesterday she couldn't find her mobile phone in school. She got in the car to drive home at 4.30pm and was driving along the dual carriageway at 60 mph when she needed to clean her windscreen.
She put on the windscreen wipers and saw her mobile phone being ejected into space across the windscreen and disappearing into the traffic around her. Some kind soul had obviously found her mobile phone by the car and put it on the windscreen wiper. She is now in need of a new mobile phone!

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