Friday, 11 January 2013

Urban Roots ?

I am not a big fan of the City, I don't like travelling much and I don't like crowds. An odd weekend to London to visit the National Gallery is fine but I am quite happy when I come out of the Severn Tunnel on the train and see the Bristol Channel on my left. All this is a bit odd or maybe not for someone who was brought up in a large city.

Now Alex is a big fan of the X factor and goes with our daughters and some of the grandchildren to watch the X factor tour. So I was quite amused by one of the judges who keeps talking about "Urban Roots"
and James Arthur " feeling the pain"! Now I do watch there program and I thought he deserved to win but unfortunately whenever I hear Alex playing the record (okay its a CD) I can't help thinking about this judges comments. To be honest he does sound like he is in pain and I am sure he does have "urban roots " whatever they are but after a while I would rather hear something a bit more cheerful. (All this criticism from someone who is tone deaf).

Now I am not sure I can claim to be true to my urban roots whatever that means but my link is not James Arthur but someone more my generation.


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