Wednesday, 2 January 2013

National Lampoons New Years Day

Alex, her mom and I went over to visit one of our daughters family yesterday. Alex did a bit of wallpapering and I sat and drew a grandson (above). Not easy drawing children as they constantly move but you get there in the end.

 They have just had an extension and I visited the new bathroom which has a hook and eye lock on the door.
Yes, you guessed it. I forgot about it.  I opened the door to get out with my usual subtlety and found the wooden door stop ( the strip of wood that is fitted inside the all around the door frame) had come away from the frame and was following me out of the bathroom! Yes a bit embarrassing having to ask my son in law to stop playing "elf me" on the computer and fix the bathroom door frame.

I was later treated to some karaoke by our grandson and he is actually good. He must take after our daughter who is really good, unfortunately Alex felt compelled to join in. To be fair she's a lot better than me but then so are 99.8% if the population.

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