Friday, 4 January 2013

Views of Carmarthen ~ Bad Hair Day

Shown above are a selection of drawings of views around Carmarthen. I have sold this as a print in the past.

Today I have been out walked the dog, had breakfast, been to Tesco's to do Moms shopping and am now off to Origin to do the stewarding. So a bit short on time.

I do rush things. I tend to be of the persuasion its better to do a hundred things and get a couple wrong than do a couple of things right. Well it works for me although I do have to suffer the consequences if/when things go wrong. I have recently started redoing my website, in the end I decided it needed tidying up rather than a complete overall. When I change the images of paintings as a shortcut I cut and paste images rather than redo the whole line. This works okay except on occasions I have changed an image but not the price of the painting, so a new work is shown with the price of a different painting, oops! This can be embarrassing and is not very professional I admit. I have now cut down the numbers of pictures on the site so I can be more accurate and in some respects less is more on a website.

Talking of mistakes last night our son came around with his family. They had a bad hair day well actually our grandson had a bad hair day. My son had decided to give him a hair cut! It was bad. It was funny too, unless you were the victim.

Anyway Alex who is very good at cutting hair ( I haven't paid for a haircut in nearly 40 years), soon made it look 100% better, apart form the bald patches!

Have to go now.

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