Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wales Scrum - Ryan Jones packing down at 6

Well it is nearly time for the Six Nations and it is time to forget about the Autumn Internationals. I finished the above painting yesterday (in the end I didn't have to steward as Rob beat me to it)..Ryan Jones is shown here packing down at number 6 against South Africa. (It is one of my 6" x 6" series I am doing). Anyway I am hopeful Ryan will be fit for the first game.

Still I am in the gallery today so no painting. I had to laugh yesterday. I walked the dog first thing. Then in the morning  walked to town and back. When we were having lunch Alex said:
"Its bitter outside."
I said, "How would you know?"

"I took the dog out." she replied
"Oh good where did you go?" I said in surprise.
"Well actually I only opened the door to let him out." she said!

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