Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Feeding the Birds

The painting above is by a fine Victorian Artist called James Sant. He was a member of the Royal Acadamy and Queen Victoria's appointed portrait artist.

We had a busy day yesterday between Alex and I we managed to, walk the dog twice, take Jac to the vet for his jabs, get a painting finished, steward in Origin all day, collect the grandchildren from school, cook a meal for our daughters family, sort out and visit my mother in hospital... So I thought I would offer a change today on the blog, someone else can show their work and a fine artist he was.  Sant was a superb technician and showed a great depth of feeling in his work. He is everything most contemporary art critics hate and everything I love.

Anyway the girl is shown feeding chicks. We used to get House Martins nesting under the eaves of our house for many years. Occasionally a nest would fall down. On one occasion a fledgling fell out of the nest onto our balcony and Alex ran out to see to it. The fledgling took fright fluttered over the balcony and dropped onto the lawn below where it was promptly swept up by next doors cat. On another occasion a nest fell down and Alex took to feeding the one survivor. She put it in a little box and fed it off a match stick. Unfortunately she didn't keep a grip on the matchstick and the fledgling swallowed the food and matchstick. The result was a foregone conclusion. Alex often says she would like to have been a vet. I am pretty sure the animal kingdom are grateful she decided to take other options.

You can see more of Sants work and other fine artists on this link

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