Saturday, 18 February 2012

Y Priordy

Here is the finished watercolour of  "Y Priordy". I have painted a lot of churches and buildings and don't mind in the least. They are all different and are a challenge in their own right.
Today we are expecting our eldest daughter and family to stay so I got my work done early. It's a pity the weather isn't better but I am sure it will be a good weekend. we were talking to a friend the other day and her son has just got back from India with an infection which has reduced him to a mere shadow of his former self. Fortunately he will get better. I am afraid I am not particularly adventurous. I don't want to visit the third world. I have been to most European Countries and over the pond a few times. We have even been to Egypt and Jordan but that is probably it for me. I don't like flying, mainly being sat cramped up for hours.
I also like to know who is cooking my food.
I have been in the back of some pretty bad restaurants in this country which puts me off eating out  unless I know the kitchen is clean. I fail to understand why dirty food preparation areas are not inspected and just closed down if they fail to make the standard. I have seen green meat being stored in old dustbins and then cut up and cooked and various other sights which could put you off eating out for life. Mind you I have seen some pretty bad homes as well. I recall going in to one house and having to tread over the brown patterned carpet. The patterns were dog feces. In the corner  was a bird cage with a green mouldy thing in the corner which had once been a budgie. The result of all this is that I like a clean kitchen and like to know where my food is coming from. At the end of the day I am I guess just a home bird.

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