Friday, 24 February 2012


The picture above is an old abstract painting. It was about 4ft x 2ft but is gone now. It was influenced by the works of Picabia. I rarely do abstract paintings but that's not to say I don't like them. Picabia was an interesting artist who amongst other things was heavily influenced by machinery in his art.

Talking of machinery. I have commented on some of our children's exploits with their cars before. Well our eldest daughter lived for a while in Clifton Bristol. They had a garden flat with no parking. This meant they had to take a chance and park on the street wherever they could. This might be streets away as there was a shortage of parking. Anyway one day she came to use her car and couldn't remember where she had parked it. It didn't help that she knew it was a red car but had no idea of make or what it looked like. She recognised it when it was parked outside her house but amongst  a host of other vehicles it could be any red vehicle. It took her a week to find it in the end! It was a Seat by the way.

Today I did some final touches on the painting of Dylan Thomas and primed some new boards.

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