Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Ever popular Mwnt was the subject today. The little chapel is still in use for marriages and I am not sure if it has been a court in its day. Anyway I squeezed it in after the gym before walking the dog the second time. After that we went to the gallery to paint the walls.
Frank Hands was a Sergeant in the Birmingham City Police. There were many stories about him probably most  exaggerated, a large charismatic chap with a strange sense of humour. He was one of those people that senior officers could do nothing with. He was either slightly touched or just didn't care. But all in all a wonderful policeman. I knew him when I was working from Belgrave Road covering the red light district of Birmingham. One day a West Indian Lady came in to the front office of the police station to complain about the police. Complaining about the Police was generally not a good idea as there used to be a bye law covering being disorderly in a police station and anyone complaining enthusiastically could well be locked up for their trouble.
Anyway this lady walked in to find Frank standing on the public side of the counter performing his Operatics minus his trousers. These were laid out on the counter and he was proceeding to iron a sharp crease in them to the words of Puccini or some such. Now I have no idea what she thought but eventually both she and Frank ended up singing arm in arm and she finally left without making any complaint. Now me I like eccentrics and believe me there were quite a few in the Police around that time.

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