Thursday, 16 February 2012

Black Five crossing the Bascule Bridge Carmarthen

I have been working on the above painting today. It shows a Stannier Black Five locomotive crossing the Bascule Bridge in mid-winter at Carmarthen. It is unusual for a railway painting in that the locomotive is shown in profile. The favourite aspect for a painting of a steam train is from the front at 45 degrees or so. I wanted to show the Bascule Bridge and River Towy so that is why the composition is as it is.  With such a large sky I felt it needed to be atmospheric so I made it a winter scene. I chose the Black Five because they were used by The Great Western Railway and afterwards British Rail in which livery it is in. Additionally I am familiar with that type of locomotive so it was an obvious choice.
Thought I 'd add this link to an old blues favourite of mine:
Train to nowhere by Savoy Brown

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