Saturday, 11 February 2012


I have finished the commission above. I was in two minds whether to paint the name "Basilicum", on the back but although I didn't really want to I felt the owner would appreciate it. Painting names can be a real pain and I am no sign writer. If it is done badly it can ruin a painting. I think I have managed to get away with it on this occasion. Odd name for a boat though as it is Latin for Basil!
Today we are in the Origin Gallery stewarding. I have to pop home to check on my mother and walk the dog so it breaks the day up for me but I do quite enjoy stewarding on the occasional basis.
I was listening to a program on the radio this morning about people having the courage to change careers. Alex is a good example of this. Although she had a good office job as office manager with the council at 40 something she decided she wanted to do marine engineering. So she packed in the job and went to college. She was awarded the prize for best student marine engineer of the year for Wales. She then got a job in a boatyard doing all the many jobs but mainly servicing and repairing engines. Her experiences there put life into context. She had a good time although the only female engineer she had nothing but support from the other guys. Being small also had advantages for example she has worked on the top of the mast of the boat shown above. Being supported on a rope halyard 50 foot off the deck and having to work with with hand tools is no picnic.
Everything is relative. Alex thought when she worked in the Council that she worked hard. She is now pretty scornful of that and relates that working outside throughout the year in all weathers doing heavy physical work is somewhat more "challenging" than sitting in a warm office, but something she actually loved doing for the years that she did it.

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