Friday, 3 February 2012

Sun and the moon

The watercolour above of Llansaint is the commission I didn't get done yesterday. Well no problems today
everything went like clockwork. I suppose clockwork is something that is hard to equate with these days maybe it should be something like went like quartz or a chip, I don't know. Anyway After finishing the painting I went for a walk over the top of Penlanffos with Jac. Lovely views. In the top field  pair of kites were sunbathing on the ground with a nearby buzzard. The windfarm over towards Brechfa was producing electricity as the sails were rotating slowly. The sun was searching down the valley from the West but pretty much all the ground was frozen making it easy to walk across the muddy paths and puddles. Although only two in the afternoon in the East the moon was quite high in the sky and as it is about three quarters to full moon there's quite a lot of it. 
Alex has been busy framing prints which have gone quite well this week. Now its time to go shopping!

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