Sunday, 12 February 2012


I am in the Millenium Stadium today watching the Wales v Scotland Rugby match with Alex and a few other thousand people. The painting above is on old one of Brecon Cathedral with the old gaol in front of it. (There was another larger gaol on the outskirts of the town that is now disused as well).
There is a great view from the top of the Cathedral tower but unfortunately the tower is not generally open to the public.
I am not a great believer in fate. I believe for the most part you make your own place in the world  but occasionally something or somebody crosses your path either for better or worse. Many years ago I was in digs. One of the young men with  me was murdered for no apparent reason other than trying to do his job dealing with a gang coming out of a night club. It was such a waste a real gentle happy young man cut down in his prime.  Another young man with me ended up serving her majesty  behind bars. He had fiddled his expenses. If he had been an MP he could probably just have paid them back. I have to say though I have no sympathy with him. You are either honest or not. If you fiddle/steal five pounds or five thousand  you deserve whatever you get.
Anyway  out of the three of us I guess I was the lucky one or did I just make the right choices? Maybe fate does have something to do with it. Lets hope fate is on Wales side today!

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