Monday, 13 February 2012

Unhappy Bear

The picture above is from a sketchbook and is of Cockshoot Wood Newton east Pembrokeshire. Today I have walked the dog twice over the top of Penlanffoss, been to Pontiets to drop off the van, popped into the Gallery to paint the windowsills and been up to the tip at Nant y Caws. We have yet to pi ck up the van and go to the gym. So it is unlikely I will get much done in the way of painting.
Yesterday the grand children were picked up about 10 ish and we got to Cardiff for the game. We found a good restaurant with one table left which was a nice change. We haven’t been out to eat for over 12 months so a good start to the day and a great second half of rugby. Tomorrow we have the grandchildren again and I might sneak a bit of painting in.
I don’t really believe in coincidences. About 4 weeks ago I had one of those phone calls “Hello I am Bill from ****, do you want more business we can get your website in to the top ranking etc etc…”
WOA there let me get a word in.
Now I believe he said he was from Google but I have heard that before and when I probed more the guy admitted they weren’t actually working for Google but were working on Google.
Anyway I let Bill down gently.
Number one I didn’t want hundreds of commissions I am an artist not a conveyor belt.
Number two I already had page one position, number one ranking for my website. Now I really am unimpressed when people call without doing their basic homework. So Bill or whatever his name was left probably none too happy.
I am no techno geek but I do write and design my own website purely because it is cheaper that paying someone else to do it and I can update it whenever I need. It took many weeks of trial and error to get my website to number one position. Where it has been for a number of years.
Imagine my surprise this week when I found that my website had somehow disappeared form the Google search facility. Now I have submitted a sitemap and there is no reason why it should suddenly disappear but it has. People can hack websites but for whatever reason I now have to re submit the site and take a few weeks to get it back where it should be. Are the phone call and the mystery disappearance connected? Who knows but I was not a happy bear!

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