Thursday, 2 February 2012

A lesson

The little watercolour above is of Carmarthen Police Station which stands on the grounds of the old Friary.
I did  do a painting this morning. It was a watercolour commission. It was however a bit of a wasted morning.
I decided to use a piece of Cotman watercolour paper that was already stretched on a board. This is reasonable paper but it wont take much working i.e. generally after one wash it starts to become less translucent and more muddy the more washes you add. As this was the way I was going to paint the subject I should have got some Saunders Waterford Paper stretched up. All started well I did my sketches and set it out. I laid down a wash for the sky and then got onto the buildings which needed several washes then it all started going wrong. I persevered but in my heart I knew where it was going. In the end it came off the board and went in the bin. As I am teaching this afternoon I decided not to start again. I will start fresh tomorrow.
Anyway it will teach me a lesson not to be lazy and cut corners. I knew it was the wrong paper for the painting I should have spent 15 minutes preparing the right one and saved myself some time overall.

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