Friday, 17 February 2012

Y Priordy

Seems like I have done a lot today with not much to show for it.  Dog walking, collect the camper, shopping etc and got a visit to the gym in, so I was quite pleased to spend a couple of hours getting the drawing done for the next painting of Y Priordy  a church on the grounds of the old Priory in Carmarthen. The drawing is reasonably accurate although there are a couple of changes I have made from the actual view from this angle.I have moved the house to the right to expose more of the Church and lengthened the railings accordingly.The right side of the roof doesn't look quite right at first glance although it actually is but I still may change it.

You will note the paper has been stretched on board and held down by the plastic retaining bars. This is a great little board. It makes stretching paper easy and more importantly it wont lift unlike tape. No cockles guaranteed! So whatever else I may do with it it wont end up looking like the North Sea.

Alex came home last night. She told me a tale which reminded me of an old Scottish Inspector of mine. Every time someone or something went wrong he would shake his head, wring his hands and say,"Dear, dear,dear oh blasted dear!"
Well she didn't see him. I suspect he has long gone to meet his maker but she did have to stop the car suddenly as Bamby, Mom and Dad shot across the road in front of her. (Deer, deer, deer!). Not an every day occurrence.

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