Friday, 2 September 2011

When we were young

Today I finished the painting of the River Towy. The tiler has finished so the kitchen now needs repainting fortunately Alex will do that. The new painting can then be ceremonially framed (by Alex) and hung in its new space (probably by Alex).

The painting above is of Broadhaven in Pembrokeshire. It is one I finished last week. When we were there last autumn it reminded me of many seaside holidays I had as a child with a chill wind and grey scudding clouds. Hence the painting and I couldn’t resist putting a sheepdog with the children. The dog is like the one Alex and I had when we first got married. A lovely dog with who got on with our children (someone had to ).

Yesterday we got a lot done in the new gallery and it was nice to have one or two visitors drop in to see how we were getting on. Good to see you Pat.
Another commission arrived today so still busy in all ways.

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