Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Mouse

Last night I went to do a simple job changing a couple of sockets. Unfortunately it turned in to a bit of a pig. The old boxes were bent and it was all a bit of a mess. I won’t bore you with all the details but it meant a trip to B&Q at 7.30am this morning and a couple of hours fixing it. Then the computer decided it didn’t like the mouse!
So I was late starting painting today. I have managed 7 hours but have a bit more to go to finish the work I started today.

The sketch above is of a Sol lorry outside our hotel. It was delivering coffee. I had time to do a sketch while waiting for Alex. Carrying a little sketchpad and doing quick sketches is really good practice and fills in countless hours of what would be wasted time. There are several good websites, which show people daily sketches. I don’t actually submit any of mine as they go on here.

Still its nearly 6pm and tea beckons and then it’s the gym.

By the way I had to buy a new mouse.

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