Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Preseli Mountains

The painting above of the Preseli Mountains sold this weekend. I remember the day I did the sketch for it. It was bitterly cold and Alex and I were standing on the top of a hill at Trefgarne, even the sheep were shaking from cold.

Today was the opposite lovely and warm. In fact it brought to mind a tune I hadn’t heard for many, many years. It was, “A Summer Place” by Percy Faith and his Orchestra. Try the link.

It took me back to the summer of 1976 when I lived in Welshpool. My brother and I went fishing a lot during that long hot summer. He was teaching art in Newtown at the time although he has always seemed to be a full time fisherman. I never caught one fish all summer. In fact out of desperation Alex and I went with my brother and his girlfriend to Newquay to try the Mackerel fishing. It was flat calm no one caught a thing and my brother was sick as a dog!
I have actually done a painting of mackerel being landed on the beach from the time we were there. I am not even sure if I have an image of it now. I haven’t got the patience for fishing now and prefer to sit by the river with a pencil and sketchpad.

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