Monday, 12 September 2011

Black Five

This morning it was walk the dogs, gym and dentist. This afternoon I have started working on another painting.
This wasn’t the painting I intended however. I have had an image from my childhood, (quite a time ago) of the goods trains going past on the line from Washwood Heath. The line was perhaps 60 yards from our house and I could often be found with my elder brother watching the trains running through the cutting as we sat on the bank.
We would also put the occasional penny on the line, daft I know but we were boys. The pennies would be flattened into all shapes.

Anyway the trains came under the Bridge and through the cutting on the way to Stetchford I believe. The drawing I have done for the painting is of a Black Five locomotive and goods train. I am not a Railway anorak and can’t identify all the different types but this was quite common. The painting is not going for sale but for my own collection. As I am ahead of my other work I thought I would indulge myself.

I haven’t decided what weather to do the setting, snow, rain, sunshine or evening light.

I am also thinking about doing the spire of the local church in the background. Maybe a boy peering over the wall?
Maybe maybe not.
Alex has started to do some framing this afternoon; relieved I think to be able to get on.

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