Monday, 19 September 2011

A Parliament of Rooks - Dryslwyn

We were driving back to Carmarthen on the Llandeilo Road past Dryslwyn the other day when I saw a multitude of Rooks around an old oak tree. There appeared to be no particular reason or pattern to the flight of these birds. I believe the group name for rooks is a parliament of rooks. Which having witnessed the goings on in parliament seems highly appropriate? In fact maybe I have a tinge of sympathy for the rooks, as it may be a little unfair on them to connect them to the Palace of Westminster. Anyway when we got home I did a quick sketch from memory shown above.

I have had the benefit of visiting the Houses of Parliament and being shown around both chambers. I have also climbed the tower to see Big Ben, which is in actual fact a bell not the clock. In fairness I think our politicians don’t do a bad job on the whole and I certainly wouldn’t swap them for any other countries representatives.

Today I went to the new gallery in King St Carmarthen, which is really taking shape.

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