Monday, 5 September 2011

On the beach

Alex and I watched two young fox cubs playing first thing this morning. A wonderful sight. Then I walked the dogs. After breakfast I went to the gym while she babysat one of our grandchildren. This afternoon I am working in the new gallery, which is coming on well thanks to the efforts of the co-operative.

Origins (the old Origin Dyfed) is due to open in King Street Carmarthen on 23rd September. It has a fantastic display window and the premises themselves go back to Dickens. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful crafts and artwork on display. The wooden floor was sanded this weekend and has made a big difference.

The sketch above is in lieu of any painting as I am obviously tied up a few days although I have primed boards for a couple of paintings I must do this week. Actually triple priming boards and sanding down between coats takes a fair amount of time. The sketches are of people on the beach. I hope that was an obvious statement? They may turn up in future paintings.

Anyway its time for the dogs to go out again.

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