Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Llansteffan - Ball of Confusion

One of those days today, a right “Ball of Confusion” with apologies to the Temptations.

It started badly at quarter to seven when I took the dogs for a walk and my mother called me over and things went downhill from there. We already had a pretty full day planned out including looking after and collecting grandchildren, going to work in the new gallery, delivering leaflets around town, packing paintings ready to deliver them to Newport…

Alex is also on call waiting for our daughter in law who is imminently due to produce our seventh grandchild.

Anyway on the bright side I got a painting finished and Alex did deliver leaflets around town. We also did our grandparent duties but it was all a squeeze. Several other tasks were dropped and others shortened.

The painting above is the one I finished today and is about 2 ft by 18 ins, it shows the tide going out at Llansteffan.
Hopefully sanity will return to our house tomorrow.

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