Saturday, 17 September 2011

Black 5 Washwood Heath

So finally I have finished my Black 5 pulling goods at Washwood Heath. I didn’t have a photo so I had to rely on my memories and some references for a Stannier Black 5. I added the Church spire of St Mark’s (a good name) and much detail today. Overall I am pleased with the finished painting and it takes me back 50 years plus to when I would sit with my brother in the cutting watching the trains “chuffing” up and down the incline. We would cross out train numbers in our Ian Allan train spotting books. It may sound boring now but well I guess you had to be 7 and be there.

One for my private collection.

Next painting possibly the Bascule Bridge at Carmarthen or a larger Llansteffan landscape.


  1. Hi, Lovely picture! Memories from our old house on Highfield Road number 181, did you live there too?

  2. Hi Manu yes I lived in Highfield Road until 1972

  3. wow thats cool, we lived in the house right next to the bridge and we always had tennis and footballs falling down, so we could always go there to get the balls.