Saturday, 3 September 2011

Polka Dot

The painting above is the one I finished yesterday to hang in the kitchen. I have made minor changes to it and taken a decent photo. As I write Alex is getting on with painting the walls. Strangely Alex doesn’t let me decorate in the house. I suppose its because although I start off carefully I get bored and the emulsion or gloss starts running down the handle and getting everywhere.

I have a commission to do an estuary painting, which I hope to start on this week. It is a subject that I enjoy and one that suits my style.

I can be quite expressive with my hands and arms when talking. Like quite a few people I use them to illustrate a point I am making. This can be quite useful to the listener well anyway its not normally detrimental to them.

However I do recall one occasion many years ago. At the time I had a job dealing with peoples complaints.
A man came in to see me from his work and wished to make a complaint. Although he was well dressed and spoke well he was a bit (understatement) obnoxious. Still I was paid to deal with him and wasn’t particularly bothered at the abuse aimed at me and everyone in general. I listened to him and took notes with my fountain pen (yes it was a while ago). At some point in the proceedings I started being expressive waving my arms to emphasise a point in his story. Shortly afterwards I finished dealing with him and sent him on his way. It was at that point I noticed the wall behind the chair where he had been sitting. The magnolia was covered in lines of splattered blue ink, which wasn’t great in itself, but they were interrupted by the shape of a sitting man.
I realised I had been holding my fountain pen in my hand whilst being, “expressive”.

I wondered if he would ever come back to see me again. Well he didn’t. Maybe he never worked out where he obtained the blue polka dot effect.
I didn’t feel guilty as I think my hand was guided by another greater power, one with a sense of humour and perhaps justice, well that’s my excuse.

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