Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Kings new clothes

Day off today. Walk the dog then the gym with Alex . Finish decorating the kitchen. Sunday Lunch with Alex’s Mom. Then this afternoon off to Parc y Scarlets to watch the rugby with our son.

The sketch above demonstrates the kind of pre-painting drawing I generally do. I use anything available the back of another drawing or sketch, or inkjet paper from the printer, which is cheap. I don’t keep them once they have fulfilled their purpose.

I listened to Gareth Wynn on Radio Wales at 6am this morning and he was having a dig at modern “art”. He was pretty funny depending on your perspective. For example he said something that went like this.

“I went to Haverfordwest to see a conceptual exhibition of hammers referencing man’s use of tools …”
No I was actually in B&Q.
I am surprisingly open to new ideas and like the works of talented artists like Anthony Gormley (Angel of the North) and many others but I believe that some artists that are trying to fool a lot of people including themselves. Anyway it’s way too early to get serious.

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