Monday, 20 June 2011

Tug Anglegarth ~ Milford Haven

This morning at the exhibition started pretty slowly. We didn’t see anyone for a couple of hours but it picked later. The painting above is of the Tug Anglegarth and Sold today.

When we were rushing out this morning to go to Aberglasney we had pretty well everything books, float, sketchpad, flask etc but Alex couldn’t find her glasses. We eventually left without them being a bit behind. It reminded me of when she went to the opticians to have her eyes tested.

He asked her if everything was all right, if she had any problems. She said her eyes were a bit sore but that she had been putting “Corsodyl” in them.

He asked if she felt that helped and she said: “Yes”.

Anyway she left after the eye test and then suddenly thought, “Oh I meant Optrex!”

I bet that optician is still wondering why Alex puts mouthwash in her eyes.

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