Monday, 13 June 2011

Cats and Dogs ~ or "Its raining again" with apologies to Supertramp.

It was a bit damp yesterday. Well maybe that's an understatement. It was rain or torrential rain with nothing in between. So I counted two couples and a group of three brave souls who came to Aberglasney and the exhibition. I don’t blame those that stayed away I wouldn’t have gone either. Anyway we did sell the painting above of Broadhaven, which reflects better weather.

Alex left early to go to spend her time more productively and I did some sketching out of a rain-splattered window.

When we got home we had another look at a Landscape painting I had done of the Beacons looking from Storey Arms towards Brecon. Alex advised it needed a centre of interest and suggested a Red Kite. I promptly painted a Red Kite and it has finished the painting off nicely.

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