Sunday, 5 June 2011

Kidwelly Castle

The painting above of Kidwelly Castle is one that sold yesterday. We had a bit of an issue with the moulding mitre cutter yesterday but eventually found a bolt had worked slightly loose sufficient to cause a minute change in the cut. All sorted now.

I was asked if I would do a commission yesterday but to be honest although I don't like disappointing people we have too much on this month and had to decline. I have hopefully pointed her in the right direction to get one done.

I watched the Wales v. Barbarians, which wasn’t the best result for Wales. Several players were excellent but as for the team performance I was disappointed.

Then Alex and I went to a house warming where we were made very welcome and had a very pleasant evening. I was particularly interested in talking to Ellis who is a performer and free runner. He has been performing in France where I believe parkour originated. He is next performing on the stage at Glastonbury Festival so good luck. I have never seen this done live but from what I have seen on television it looks absolutely amazing.

I asked yesterday what decade the following phrase was written.

“A cool four thousand pounds”

Answer 1870’s ~ Charles Dickens he was way ahead of his time.

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