Friday, 24 June 2011

Nolton Horses on Druidstone Beach

The painting above sold at the exhibition. It is a painting of horses from Nolton Stables on the beach at Druidstone Pembrokeshire. Yes I know it is another reflection and I do paint a few of them.

I have a few paintings to do at the moment and a busy schedule anyway. So it is a matter of prioritising which to do first or more likely which I would most like to paint first?

I have to deliver a couple of paintings to Brecon and catch up with another outlet. We set up again on Sunday and I also want to get in a visit to Pontargothi Vintage Show.

Last night was funny. We were in bed when the phone rang. There was no-one on the other end but we could hear a television on. My mother has the TV on all night and quite often doesn't say anything when she wants us. So we quickly got dressed and went to her bungalow. She was in bed awake and apparently fine. She denied using the phone although it was on her bed. We went home checked the call and found it was actually from Alex's Mom. We called her back to make sure she was alright. She too was fine but had knocked the call button by mistake ringing the first number on her call list.

Life can be confusing. If Alex had been called Zara, Zelda or Zoe we might get less accidental calls.

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