Wednesday, 8 June 2011


The painting above is one that sold over the weekend. It shows the bridge over the Usk at Brecon.

We lived in Brecon for a short period some 25 years ago. One of our houses was in Dan y Gaer Road. This was where the canal used to terminate. At the time we lived there the canal finished about a quarter of a mile away having been filled in. It has now been refurbished and a proper terminus had been built alongside Theatre Brecheiniog. Anyway at the time we were there that area was a bit rundown. We had an abattoir behind us, which produced all manner of sights and sounds. It was not unusual to see Cattle and sheep escaping down the road.

Our garden had apparently been part of the old canal and had received all manner of donations over the years. As a consequence Alex and the children spent many happy hours digging in the garden recovering all manner of items. They never found anything valuable but we still have some of the clay pipes and old bottles. In fact I occasionally use them in still life paintings. We later moved to a house with a wonderful view of the Beacons.

Today I was in the gallery and Alex was in Origin Dyfed the arts and crafts shop.

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