Monday, 6 June 2011


The painting above of Ferryside is one we sold today. It is a view we have often seen as we have sailed down river towards the Carmarthen Bar in our boats. Carmarthen Bar is a large set of sand banks which lie at the mouth of three rivers entering the sea on the north of the Bristol Channel. The Bar is  a dangerous place for any  sailing vessel because it faces the prevailing SW winds. It is difficult to navigate due to the ever shifting sands.
We have had a good weekend and have sold a further 2 paintings in another gallery.

Today we went to the printers near Bridgend to get work photographed and colour matched. This takes a while and we have to leave the work there while it is undertaken. It generally takes about an hour a painting.

Alex has had made another 400 cards and framed several collectors prints for the exhibition while I have done a few posters including a Welsh version. The cards take time as they are individually printed and then mounted.

Tomorrow we have the grandchildren!

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