Sunday, 19 June 2011

MG with a picnic

The painting above is one that sold this week. It portrays an MG with the owners picnicking. Of course there is always a risk with this sort of painting that it will provoke a conversation. For the most part it goes along the line of:

“Of course I drive a Triumph TR4 which is far superior but it is tricky to handle…”

Which is fine and generally interesting.

“I love the painting it reminds me when we had an MG and we used to go to the Lake District for the Day…”

We had any number of those chats, which were very pleasant.

You also get the odd one that goes:

“Of course the radiator is not right on the 1950 MG model it had only 6 bars not 7..” or whatever.

Even this can be quite amusing, for a little while.

Anyway it sold and we could have probably sold it a couple of times over.

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