Friday, 17 June 2011

Life's Rich Tapestry

The painting above is one that sold this week. It shows the boathouse at Laugharne.

We had a pleasant day at the exhibition yesterday. I did a bit of  sketching even the rain kept off for most of the time. I contrast that with our daughter who told us the following tale.

She was out taking her two year old son and dog for a walk on the beach when the dog spied a half eaten pie. Now her dog is intolerant to meat. (He is also very smelly). What is the world coming to I hear you ask? Anyway she raced to the mangy pie but was beaten to it and had to wrestle the remains of the pie off her dog.

Consequently the dog had a very upset stomach and she had to let the dog out 4 times in the middle of the night ! In the morning she was making breakfast when the dog had an accident on the lounge carpet. She was cleaning that up when she found that the dog had a further accident in her son’s bedroom. She went to get the dustpan and cleaning equipment and on her return found that young son had walked through it and covered himself in same.

Then she smelt burning and the smoke alarm went off. She had left the porridge cooking on the stove.

Yes we all have days like that. Its just part of lifes rich tapestry, although it may not feel like that at the time.

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