Tuesday, 21 June 2011

On Reflection

The painting above sold at the exhibition this week. I have always done quite a number of paintings incorporating reflections and find the subject quite captivating. In theory darker tones come out lighter and lighter tones come out darker but of course this isn’t always the case.

Yesterday we decided to take down the paintings a day early as today is likely to be chaos with lorries and equipment going in to erect staging for a concert at Aberglasney. So it was a last minute decision and a bit of a rush. We will be putting them up again ready for the opening on the 28th June.

We have had some interesting offers lately one from American Art Agents who came to see us. We have also accepted to participate in an exhibition involving the CPRW on the Landscape of Wales. There are a few other decisions we have yet to make about the future. I would like to enter the Bath Plein Air Prize competition but fear that time is not with me. So interesting times.

Today I have to prime and cut some boards and Alex has a number of paintings to frame a couple that are sold and a couple for display.

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