Sunday, 12 June 2011

Margo ~ with apologies to the Goodlife.

The painting above sold at the Aberglasney Exhibition yesterday. It is an oil painting of Kidwelly.

There was a funny incident at the exhibition yesterday. Well I found it funny but I am not so sure Alex was amused. I was sitting reading “Our Mutual Friend,” by Dickens when I heard an extremely loud and annoying bray coming from the next room, very plum in mouth and "Margo to a T".

“Oooh where have all the lovely paintings gone that were here last Sunday?”

Okay well clearly she wasn’t impressed with my exhibition. Now I have to admit I might have been persuaded to give her 10p to phone someone who cared but I feel if you are prepared to accept praise you should also take any critical brickbats coming your way. I got back to my book but I could literally feel the heat rising off Alex and I was pleased she didn't say much more on the subject or there might have been a bit of an incident.

Last evening we had the pleasure of meeting David with his cocker spaniel who came for his painting and was thankfully very happy.

Anyway overall a very pleasant day meeting lots of interesting people and if you can’t laugh at yourself well who can you laugh at?
(Incidentally the expression "to a T" is of unknown origin but dates back at least to the 1650's).

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