Wednesday, 5 December 2012

End of the World - Mayan Prophecy

Well up till midnight making cards and other odds and ends then out this morning with Jac under the moonlight. Venus was shining brightly just above the horizon in the South, so a lovely walk around the reservoirs. (Hence The Boathouse by moonlight above).

According to the Mayan Prophecy the world ends on 22nd December 2012. Maybe I should hold back on buying Christmas presents until 23rd? Ah but did the Mayans see the conquistadors coming?

Although the world is admittedly a dangerous place and mankind seems to have done its best to destabilise the climate I don't believe in soothsayers. Although Frankie Howard was forever saying "We are all doomed in up Pompey" (for those of you old enough to remember it). That was a little bit after the event wasn't it?  Remember the millenium bug? A lot of money was made out of that too and it all came to nothing.

Yes, I am pretty certain we will all be here eating Christmas dinner on the 25th December.

Well I could be wrong, but lets hope not.

Well its 7.30 and I have a busy day now.

Link is one of my favourite bands from the 1960's

On hearing it again a few decades later maybe it goes on a bit!

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